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               Lucy's Magical Five Leaf Clover

About the Author

A.  J. Grace has been telling stories all her life. As a child, she told stories to circumvent trouble. As an adult, working undercover investigations, she told stories to hide her true identity. But the stories she enjoys telling most are the ones she creates for her child. Realizing that her son would rather hear her stories than have her read to him, she decided to write down the ones that moved him most.  A. J. Grace’s extensive traveling allowed her life to be warmed by a wealth of diversity, both planetary and cultural; she loves to take her son to these wondrous places inhabited by the richness of life.  Her background lends her the creativity to dream the stories, and her child inspires her to write and share them with yours.

About the Illustrator
Dawn Durney is a self-taught artist who spent years honing her craft doodling on napkins across South Florida. Until now, her best work has been displayed only in “the most discriminating of school libraries and on the most prestigious of refrigerator doors.”  She loves having the opportunity to share her love for books and all things artfully childlike. 
She resides in South Florida with her husband and children. She attends college at night working toward a degree in English, and by day works at her children’s school library.  There she is surrounded by the magic of books, her artwork on the walls, and the great expectation of the children as she reaches for a book to read to them.

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