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In both good times and bad, Rob Durney learned to call out to God.
Faced with troubles in his own life—as well as being troubled by things he saw going on in the lives of others around him—Rob Durney called out to God for solace and understanding. During times of trouble and introspection, Rob Durney turned to God for solace and understanding.

Calm My Troubled Heart is a compilation of inspired reflections expressing his growing relationship with the Lord.


Calm My Troubled Heart is a picture in psalms of a soul struggling to find forgiveness and purpose in the Lord.

Senior Pastor Richard Vaughan (Retired),
Fletcher Emanuel Church Alive Lumberton,

Rob Durney shows a keen insight into the heart of a psalmist; all who read this book will truly find a “calming” for their troubled hearts.
Jerry Mc Neill,
Founding Pastor Cross Mountain Church
San Antonio, Texas

Calm My Troubled Heart will connect you with heartfelt, raw, and open thoughts about God and life. Whether experiencing life at its best or struggling to make it through the day, this book will build your faith up and lead you to a God who is forever faithful.  

Reg Lloyd,
Lead Pastor Praise Church
Beaumont, Texas  

About the Author 

Rob Durney was born in Miami, Florida, in 1963. He graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School (in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) in 1981, and graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and English from the University of West Florida in 1998. He is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, a father of three, and a former Nazarene minister. He has written over a thousand devotionals, taught courses in Bible History and the History of Christianity, and led countless Bible studies and Sunday school classes as well.  His work has gained recognition both at home and internationally. He currently resides in Southeast Texas. 

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